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Pied tamarin

Saguinus bicolour

Also known as bare faced tamarins. The Pied tamarin has one of the smallest ranges of any primate and is now thought to be one of the most endangered monkeys in the forests of the Amazon.


Interesting fact: As well as climbing with sharp claws, Pied tamarins can leap great distances from tree to tree.

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Habitat & threats

Found only in and around the city of Manaus, some are now isolated in tiny fragments of forest within the city. They occur only in dense tropical forest. There are still Pied tamarins in continuous forest north of the city, but another species, the more common Red-handed tamarin is now threatening to take over their small territory.



Like other tamarins, they eat a variety of foods including fruit, nectar, tree sap and animal prey such as insects and bird's eggs.


Breeding and social dynamics

Pied tamarins are very territorial and live in family groups of mother, father and offspring. Twins are usually born and carried by the male and brothers and sisters. They all steep together in a tangle of vines or hollows of trees.



Part of a managed European breeding programme as well as an international effort to protect them in their natural range.