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species roul roul

Roul roul partridge

Rollulus roulroul

This bird prefers to walk or run and flight on its short rounded wings is limited to very short distances; normally flight is used purely to avoid threats.


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Habitat & threats

These birds are found on the floor of dense, evergreen lowland primary forest. Much of this habitat is fast disappearing throughout its range due to deforestation. Natural predators include  tigers, civets, monitor lizards, clouded leopards, fishing cats, feral cats and snakes.



They eat a variety of foods including fallen fruits, berries and plant matter as well as many seeds and insects including termites and snails. They will often follow wild pigs through the forests, feeding on the pig's leftovers such as half eaten fruit. They particularly like to find hidden insects in the ground such as worms or snails which they uncover by scratching away leaf litter.  

Breeding and social dynamics

Roul roul partridges live on the forest floor and spend the majority of their day foraging for food in groups as large as 40 individuals. These birds mate for life. During the breeding season the pair will make a dome shaped nest which completely hides the female who incubates their 5-6 white eggs.