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Sumatran prevost’s squirrel

Caloscurius prevostii rafflesii

There are 5 recognised sub-species of Prevost’s squirrel, all of which can be found on the islands and mainland of Southeast Asia.


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Habitat & threats

This sub-species occurs in the lowland forests of Sumatra. They can also be found in oil palm and coconut plantations where they are regarded as pests. Their forest homes are disappearing fast and they are also hunted for the pet trade.



They feed mostly on a variety of nuts and seeds as well as soft fruits and flowers. They will also eat insects to supplement their diet.


Breeding and social dynamics

Prevost’s squirrels are solitary in the wild and communicate with a range of chirps, whistles and tail waving. The female chooses a mate through an elaborate courtship chase where only the fittest male will be chosen. They can have up to three litters a year, with the youngsters leaving the nest after only six weeks.



Part of a managed European breeding programme.